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OUT SOON: Not the Sky: a memoir

not the sky full cvr


What rain taught us (Cinnamon Press/ liquorice fish, 2017), full length poetry collection what rain full cover








Meet Me There (Cinnamon Press, 2015), edited collection of writings about place

front cover









 ‘How do we write of and through this sense that we fit a place, and the place fits us…? This book gathers ten writers to answer this question whether the place is an adventure to islands, or Paris, India, or even a Birmingham backyard shared with a dog. Those of us driven by the ancient itch to write about place are challneged by ghosts, haunted by others and those we have no language for.  We want this book because in their place lies our own.’ (Paul Evans)

‘…profoundly influenced by landscapes, wild, urban suburban…with belonging, remembering or displacement.’ (Chis Kinsey)



The Other Side of Glass (Cinnamon Press, 2012), full-length poetry collection





Ghost Songs (Cinnamon Press: 2007), full length poetry collection

Only Connect (Cinnamon Press, 2007), co-edited, with Jan Fortune-Wood, anthology of original contemporary poetry

In the Telling (Cinnamon Press, 2009), co-edited with Susan Richardson, anthology of original contemporary poetry




Geoffrey Chaucer: : a life (Hesperus Press, 2011, rights reverted)

…a deft and tantalising study of one of the fathers of English literature…


Take a peek below…

Winter’s evening, 17 December 1399. A deposed king Richard II languishes in prison in Pontecraft Castle. Meanwhile, at the home of William Colchester, abbot of Westminster Abbey, a dinner party is in full swing.  The guests are all men well-known to their medieval counterparts: the former bishop of Carlisle, the ex-archbishop of Canterbury, 2 priests favoured by Richard,  one Master Pol, Richard’s physician in whose care the king placed his young wife Isabella after his arrest, and various barons, including some of Richard’s famous chamber knights, men like John Montagu who would be executed for his part in this rebellion. These men are plotting to assassinate the new king Henry IVth. And sitting in the house right next door is Geoffrey Chaucer, poet, courtier and savvy politician, friend to many of those present at this Epiphany Uprising, and the original Teflon man. But in the closing months of Richard’s rule, as John of Gaunt’s son Henry stepped up to power, Chaucer’s life was about to change.

Geoffrey Chaucer had just taken a 53 year lease on a house in the Lady Garden of Westminster Abbey. The Abbey gardens had a long history as a place of sanctuary and a special association with king Richard who actively supported the monks and recognised the Abbey’s autonomy. Just two months earlier Henry had crowned himself king of England. Who was Geoffrey Chaucer and why was he here?



Medieval Books

The Handbook of Medieval Afterlives in Contemporary Culture (Bloomsbury)







Medieval Romance in Context (Continuum, 2010)

Medieval Afterlives in Popular Culture (Palgrave), co-edited with Daniel T. Kline, 2012

Chaucer: a reader’s guide (Continuum, 2008)

Teaching Chaucer (Basingstoke, Palgrave: 2007), co-edited with Louise Sylvester Studying

Chaucer: Approaches to ‘The Canterbury Tales’ (Plymouth, Plymbridge House, 2000)

The Generation of Identity in Late Medieval Hagiography: speaking the saint (London and New York: Routledge, 2000)

Chaucer: The Canterbury Tales (Basingstoke, Macmillan: 1998)




  • contributed chapters in books
  • written numerous articles and journal papers in a range of peer-reviewed and international publications
  • contributed to media publications such as a regular column, ‘Poynton in Poetry and Prose’ for Inside Magazine (2009-11); ‘The Canterbury Tales’, TVQuick (August 2003), commissioned to write 4,000 word context and sound-bites to accompany BBC1’s modern adaptations; ‘Case Study: VLEs in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales’, Higher Academy, English Subject Centre website; ‘New Media, New Practices: collaboration and team-building in e-learning’, English Subject Centre’s Newsletter Issue 11, November 2006, pp. 14-16



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  1. Very much looking forward to your new edited publication ‘Meet Me There’ with Cinnamon. Great cover and contributors.


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