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Coming soon: Not the Sky: a memoir

not the sky full cvr



Gail Ashton’s Not the Sky: a memoir up-ends a West Midlands working-class childhood and chaotic family to re-imagine the present.


 She is like a balloon rising on an air. I call up to her, ‘You died. A long time ago now.’

 ‘I did no such thing,’ she says. ‘I’d never just up and leave you girls.’



From the outside lavvy to backyards and gardens, this book confronts long-held secrets, ghosts, and converses with the dead.  Meet inanimate objects, animals, and miscarried babies. Meet a dying mother demanding a will and a prize-winning rose bowl. Meet the estranged father with an email, some rescued football boots and two glasses of Asti Spumante. Or the great-aunt transformed to a skylark, the sister and a DNA kit, an abusive grandfather, and a failed guard dog.



Published Autumn 2019.  Contact Cinnmon Press for more details: